Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blog-a-day #5: Podcasts Response

A resonse to Poetic Discourse.

What I Listen To:

Voices from the Void - Usually informative, always entertaining, and yeah, Arydanika has a voice that is just plain fun to hear.  Seismic Stan is a nice addition/replacement.

Ender Black's  Pod Goo - Nice range of interviews and topics covered.  Nice approach to analyzing tactics and strategies.

What Don't I Listen To (And Why):

Fly Reckless - Never seemed to stick for me, I think the in-jokes got too thick when I was trying to listen.

Isk (iTunes) - This is personal:  I am trying to be a good former smoker and listening to someone light up on the podcast is infuriating and tempting.  Also, sometimes the format is waaay to long.

Ransoms and Roams:  Tried to listen, did not hold my attention.

What I Wished Was Still Around:

Lost In Eve

General Thoughts:

I find that podcasts that have a high production level (like a radio show) tend to keep my attention.  As I am constantly working, studying, or moving around, being able to stop and start listening, or listening to little segments at each go is very useful to me. VandV does this well.

Consistency (even if it means short episodes) is the second biggest influence on me spending ear time on a show.

The podcaster's voice is also huge.  I know that much is this is due to fate and your parents, but a good voice is much nicer to listen to.  Proper diction and pacing can help overcome otherwise unappealing voices though, as can engagement in what is being said.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to give Pod Goo a listen tonight.

    (I agree with Fly Reckless. It didn't catch my interest either. Something about the format, perhaps, the general randomness of it?)

  2. @ Poetic: I think that nails it. On the episode I listened to, it was fun, and it was lively, but someone got abducted and I had no idea what was going on, if it was RP or not, and I was trying to learn about Eve at that point. I should maybe try again.

    Perhaps a better framing would be accessibility of the podcast, and then consider the subject matter.