Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Good morning, evening or whatever time it where you are at!

Who am I?

Someone who likes to play Eve Online and obsess over various minutiae of games design and gameplay.  I've been dabbling in high sec and low sec for the last year across a variety of characters, and have messed about in missions, trade, industry, wormholes and some (usually unsuccessful) pvp.

Why should you read what I write?

I have no idea why any of us read about fictional, digital worlds that we spend time interacting, so you tell me.

How often am I going to update this thing?

Hopefully once a week or more.  My goal is to write in two main areas: Commentary and Education.  I like talking about internet spaceships, and I hope to make learning how to play internet spaceships a little easier for others.

Well I think that covers relevant introductory things.  Fly safe, or barring that, fly fun!

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