Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back in the Saddle

This last week or so is the first time I've had to dedicate some solid time to Eve since early May!  Life got busy. I was living with my now, but not at the time, parents-in-law.  You can infer from the previous that I am now a married man.  I moved across the country twice.  I am also ramping up into a master's project for my program, so a bit of time was poured into that!  I also developed a small Minecraft/Tekkit addiction that the wife's father could at least understand, so it seemed more acceptable as leisure with the computer in a public space.  That said, and back to Eve:

A lot has changed.

On the individual front, 4 months of afk training has given me the ability to sit in a new T3, all the T2 hulls skills below battleships, T2 projectiles and hybrids, and a lot more skills overall.  I'm about a month from being able to fly every sub BS ship in the game, and fit them almost appropriately.  That's after... about 31 million SP.  It's rather interesting to log in, look at my skills, and see not a long list of what needs to be done, but a list of things I am free to choose from.

From a game perspective a lot has changed too!  Mining is full of a lot of things I need to relearn.  My pet spreadsheet is now out of date, so that needs some work.  The ongoing rebalancing of ships is quite interesting, and something I need to look at.  And all the new interface goodness is something that I imagine will take some time to digest.


One a serious note, I would also like to give my condolences to Sean Smith's (Vile Rat) family and friends, as well as the other families impacted by the events that took place.  I doubt they will ever see this, but it is a tragic and senseless loss that no words can describe.  I did not know him directly, or interact with him in Eve, but no family in any country or of any creed or belief should suffer such losses.  I wish all involved strength and compassion in the days to come.

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