Monday, September 24, 2012

Faction Warfare: Questions

For a variety of reasons, I have been considering jumping into Faction Warfare.  However, I have a few problems:

Aside from the popular bloggers' affiliations, I know relatively little about FW.  I sense that Amarr and Gallente and in the crapper, based on the control maps.  But is this indicative of the level of players involved?  Part of me wants to join the little guys and get some fights.  But part of me is afraid that there is nothing going on in those militias.  Anyone care to share thoughts on this?

I am terribad at PvP.  Mostly from lack of, well, doing it.  I've been a functional carebear for my career in Eve.  I put an alt in RvB for a while, which although fun, quickly devolved into Red Blob v Blue Blob, until one side got so outnumbered they had to leave the field for the night.  My few attempts to go solo roaming in low sec have brought me nothing in the way of combat.  So, any recommendations for gaining PvP skill, or lacking that, practice?  Good roaming routes?

Thanks in advance to anyone who cares to answer!


  1. What is your time zone? Theres small gang stuff going on in Amarr, USA time at night.

  2. Thanks! As I read up on joining FW, I realized that my Amarr and Caldari Empire standings are crap, despite having access high standings with some member corps... The joy of not realizing what a faction mission could do to standing my first month of Eve.