Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 22: 30 Day Market Challenge

Rollin' along.  Trading on the margins.  I need to move some inventory at this point, my balance is getting a bit heavy in non-liquid assets.  I have a breather from non-Eve obligations tomorrow, so I'll be working on that a bit.  Development of additional alts will also likely be on the docket, or at least seeding them.  My posts this week have been a  bit shorter due to:

  • Finals.  I'm in school and those take a fair bit of work.
  • P90X workouts.  Roc would be so proud.  I'm working on my meat-space capsule and damn if those don't kick you in the arse.
  • Once you get the hang of buying high and selling low, most of the work becomes updating orders and browsing the market for trends and deals.  There is not much technique, just a lot of reading the charts and graphs.
Also, my goal is revised.  I want to clear 1 billion isk and have enough to keep rolling by cashing in for two PLEXes.  As Hulkageddon is going strong, I am not bringing as much income in on my miner account.


  1. I was wondering, I've noticed a lot of movement on meta 4 prices, buy order dropping sharply (e.g. medium neuts). Do you have the same impression where you trade. Have I missed something ?

  2. Indeed. My suspicion is that as traders notice deals, we congregate to the nice margin. I tend to make an item profitable for a few days, then I get out of that item for a while to let the market reset. Analogy time: When one gold-panner finds gold, others flock near that gold-panner, and the pool of gold that exists gets fought over, and everyone gets left. Not perfect, but hopefully that helps.

    My solution is arbitrage at another trade hub. Pull the items, fly them over, and relist at the better price. So far this has worked out in my favor, but once in a while you buy stock too late and get caught in the rush.

  3. Welcome to the NBI! Have fun blogging and let us know if you have any questions!