Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fail Fits and Rookies

Edit: A commenter noted that I am wrong about the tutorials teaching players to use multiple tank types.  This is very probably right.  I do no think that alters my fundamental point.

Read this over at Poetic, and the comments.  Always a fun time, reading the comments.  I'm torn on how to handle fail fits.  I'm sure I have some fail fits that I like, elite players be damned.  I also want to laugh at fail fits.  But then I wonder, did that fail fit player buy some PLEX and go nuts, only to get his investment all blowed up and not understand why?  And why do so many people ignore advice from those that blew them up?  Questions without answers.  But one thing could be done.

CCP could make the tutorials actually teach people about fits instead of having tutorial missions that encourage fail fits in a roundabout way.  I'm talking about those starter tutorial chains that give you a frigate, then give you an armor repper, then give you a shield booster.  And each mission tells you to use that specific module.  Not very good.  Arydanika talked about this on her blog a few weeks or months ago with some low-sec style guys, and they came to the conclusion that there should be fitting tutorials.  I agree.

So I propose, in the same vein, the following tutorials to be added as a Capsuleer Ship Fitting chain, given to you at the same time as the other newbie tutorials, or possible after the military/combat chain:

  1. Charge the Batteries: Teaching capacitor basics.
  2. Plugging in the Chips: Fitting to CPU requirements.
  3. Turning on the Lights: Fitting to powergrid requirements.
  4. She Can't Take Anymore, Captain!: Shield tanking.
  5. Structural Integrity: Armor tanking.
  6. Fire When You See the Whites of Their Eyes: Close range fitting.
  7. Get Under Their Guns: Close range combat
  8. One Shot, One Kill: Long range fitting.
  9. Tack to Starboard: Long range fighting and kiting.
  10. We're Going to Need a Bigger Ship: Moving up to a destroyer.
There, I made names and topics.  CCP can do the rest.


  1. You don't get shield boosters in the Amarr training missions. I don't get Armor reppers in the Minmatar training missions. What few modules you do get that aren't universally used (such as analyzers, afterburners, or cargo expanders) are the ones most appropriate to the race you're playing.

    Don't get me wrong; I like the proposed tutorials, but the premise that they need to be put in to counteract some sort of subtle 'dual tank' encouraged by the starting missions is just wrong.

    People dual tank because, coming into Eve from virtually any other game, it seems like a good idea.

    1. Good points. I haven't played the tutorials in a few months, so I there is a very strong chance that I thought the tutorials were worse than they are.

      Counterpoint: I don't think the game ever tells you NOT to dual tank (or god forbid triple tank), or NOT to mix weapons. I think it ought to somewhere along the line. But that's just me.