Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inferno First Impressions

The Good

  • The new missile launchers are very pretty.  Staggering launchers is now really fun!
  • The Wardec screen is much more legible.
  • All the new screen revamps look pretty.
  • Most of the new SB models look nice.
  • Once you get used to it, looting no longer has the slight movement every time you get to a new wreck.
The Bad
  • Right clicking on a corp in the wardec screen only gives "Declare Mutual" and no option to "Show Info".  That's frustrating.
  • It is now much harder to see into two "containers" at once, such as your ship's hold and a loot can.  Grr.  Shift clicking is an extra step.  I didn't try it, heard it works, we'll see.  It's still an extra step...
  • The new Tree structure on the Inventory eats screen real estate.  This is challenging when you open, say, Inventory, Market and Wallet screens to manage market orders.
  • The Inventory takes longer to load.  Not good.
  • The "ghosting" effect of text in the new inventory.  It's harder to read. 
The Ugly
  • The missile launchers on my Tengu.  I would really like to see either larger wings with an over/under turret placement, or place them in a nice line on the slant of the hull.  Right now it looks... wonky.
  • Drone Battleship explosions seem to be MIA.
  • Directional lighting for 3D models in the Market.  Not bad, per se, but it's always been hard to really appreciate the ships with the dark lighting.

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