Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 23 to 25: 30 Day Market Challenge

Bit of a slow weekend for a few reasons.  First, I was not that motivated.  Second I was amazingly busy with wedding planning and an arm injury.  Third, Amarr got the best of me and I decided to move on to another hub.  This lead to selling off stock at lower than expected prices in order to not be hauling anything besides skillbooks when I left.

Interestingly, it seems that a few weeks after I get into an hub, other traders come join the party and margins go way down, .01 isk wars go way up, and I find it better to move to another spot.  I am wondering if others have noticed this in the day trading scene?  It makes sense that people follow the money, and I am starting to think a huge part of this is anticipating the changes and staying ahead of that curve.  I don't have the isk to do full blown manipulation, but I wonder how many people are out there that can and do crash margins for a few days to get rid of people like me.

Another thought:  Weekends suck for market trading.  All the weekend warriors come out, run missions, sell stock and undercut the bejesus out of things (or so I imagine).  In the worst case, someone with a lot of stock follows suit after  a few small orders undercut, and drops their price considerably. Then the profit on flipping 20-30 modules disappears into the CCP database forever.  Or maybe I just need more isk and better tracking tools to engage in longer term investments.  Investing versus day trading if you will.

Final thought.  I finished collecting all my remote buys before leaving Amarr space.  It made me a few million, but nothing even resembling the numbers I am going for, and certainly not enough to be worth the time it took to gather the items.  I trashed about half of them after looking at the margins.  Future remote buy orders will need to be tailored much more specifically at mini-hubs in the region so I am only going to a few systems to get my inventory and flipping it becomes less of a chore. I am starting to really dislike the region limit on modifying orders as well.  With instantaneous interstellar communication, I fail to see (outside of gameplay mechanics) why we can't at least phone in order modifications.

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