Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 27: 30 Day Market Challenge

So I moved again, woo.  Back to Jita.  I was in Dodixie for long enough to realize that it is hot mess at the moment.  Although you cannot prove bots exist, I'll be damned if they haven't infested that joint.  I sat for about fifteen minutes updating orders, and a slew of odd updates would come every single time after I updated.  Some would be for the exact same price, .01 isk above or below me depending.  If I have to deal with that, at least I can do it where more people are buying and selling stuff.  So, back to Jita.  It's rather frustrating moving tens of millions of isk back and forth and having very little to show for it.

The nice part is that my liquid isk is up to 855 mil.  Not bad, not too much locked into inventory.  I will need to buy PLEX (in game) in the next day or two.  I'll likely add that to the running total to indicate the monthly total, in the spirit of this challenge.

I will take this moment to say this:

I've proved the hypothesis of Beamer Grey and myself.  You can make enough isk station trading to plex an account in less than a month.  You can do it much more quickly than 30 days even.  At this point I could PLEX and still have enough to fit out a few battle cruisers or one battleship.  I've made money on my other accounts, almost totaling another PLEX, and I haven't really been playing those much lately.  Even if you are unemployed, with a little dedication to trading, you can afford Eve. Assuming you can afford a computer and internet connection, but that kind of goes without saying.

I'll be continuing through the last few days, and then I plan on writing up a sort of guide to what I've done.  This will have more detail than my daily posts.  I'll also post up ALL the items I traded in so you can see what I used.  I don't think this is trade secret.  After almost a month of this, there are no secrets that I found to foolproof.  Just some solid strategies and some time spent each day keeping on top of the orders you have.

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