Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 28: 30 Day Market Challenge

PLEX was purchased and redeemed today, so I am adding this cost in to the total to keep the numbers making sense.  A 485 mil loss would seem a bit substantial, no?  Aside from that, new record day with 172 mil in profits!  My return to Jita appears to have been a good idea.  This goes back to the point of turnover.

Margins in Jita are not as good as many other trade hubs but the goods move!  I only had about half of my usual order slots going as I ramped up in Jita again, and I still crushed it compared to Amarr or Dodixie.  Being able to choose from all the weapon types is a huge boon.

At this point I don't really care if my margins increase in actual dollar amounts.  If I can maintain roughly 100 mil margin a day I can easily PLEX two of my three accounts and still be building wealth.  If I can keep up the 150 m mark, then I will never even have to use profits from other account to pay for the game and fund ships.  I also just got a job!  So for the summer at least, I can keep chugging away on the market alt and in a few months buy that strategic cruiser I am training my industrialist into.  In another 40 days, I can probably afford the whole thing through the market alt, and still be PLEX my game time.

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