Thursday, March 29, 2012

April 24th: Welcome to the Inferno

Bravo Mittens.  Bravo CCP.

The Eve community has just been granted an amazing chance to do a lot of things, and we have one month to prepare.  Regardless of your opinions of The Mittani, CCP's reaction to his comments, and all the other arguments made in the last week, the players of Eve have just had a gauntlet thrown down at our collective feet.

To the White Knights:  You have just been challenged by Biggest Bad of Eve to what will either be the largest battle the game has seen, or the quiet acceptance of Dear Leader's arrogance and bravado.  If you want to take a stand against Goons, against griefing, against everything The Mittani and the CFC stand for, you know when and where to organize.  On the 24th of April you will be given the opportunity to take the field and send CFC back to the fields of nullsec in ruins.  On April 24th you can quietly be elsewhere and let the CFC shut down the hub of New Eden, fueling the burning superiority and pride they so blatantly display.  The choice is yours.

To the CFC:  I hope you make good on the speech Dear Leader gave.  If you burn Jita, the game will be fundamentally altered for some time.  You will prove yet again that you can run rampant through New Eden.  At the very least you will exemplify the fact that players in Eve create the content in a way no game designer ever could.  I wish you luck, and hope you have someone to fight when you get to Jita IV.

To CCP:  This needs to play out.  Inadvertantly or not, your actions and reactions before, during and after Fanfest have just spawned a defining moment in New Eden.  This is the true test of the Sandbox.  As has so often been stated, we will watch what you do, not what you say.

Inferno is coming, perhaps a month earlier than anyone expected.  It will interesting to see who ends up getting burned.


  1. Doesn't Mittens get out the 28th? The 24th is when the "prepatch" for Inferno gets introduced. Nice coincidence though.

    1. Oops? Maybe I have mistaken the Inferno Pre-patch date for Mitten's release date.