Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tripping in Rifters

I put a frigate pilot in RvB recently, and this was a good choice.  A few highlights of the whole RvB experience:

  • People tend to pay attention to comms and be somewhat focused.  This is a great change of pace from some small groups I have previously flown through hostile space with.
  • The PvP ON button.  As long as I get on between lunch and midnight (US TZ), there is usually a 30-40 man fleet cruising around, looking to find the other fleet and make some fun happen.
  • Cheap ships are fun.  I fly T1 fit Rifters, because if I loot one wreck every few fights, I pay for all the ships I lose and then some without really trying.
  • RvB communication.  They tend to try and balance fleets against each other to make the fights at least interesting.  This is not to say there is not some blobbing, or stragglers caught out, but it is generally attempted to make things fair-ish.
  • 89-9 kill ratio, at this point, with 99.5% efficiency.  That's just sick, and more indicative of how the other fleets call primaries as compared to my skills in a Rifter.  And the fact that my Rifters cost about 500k right now...
Some not-so-highlights:
  • Modules being bought out/not stocked.  I dare say some budding industrialist could set up shop in Hageken, Ako and Autaris and make a killing supplying just about any module regularly used in PvP.  It's awkward trying to fit ships in a permanent warzone that is not conducive to cheap indy ships.
  • Complaints about hulls being used.  Both sides do it, but the corp I am not in seems to love moaning after seeing someone undock in a 'Cane.
  • The overview.  This is my first real experience of fleet-sized engagements, and the overview is rather painful, and I know understand the challenge of trying to find that damn Maller in a group of 30 flashy reds.
But overall, putting an alt in RvB has been phenomenally fun and a great way to learn a little bit about PvP.  You should try it.

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