Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quickie Update - CSM Endorsements

Real Life and Eve Corp issues have dominated the last few weeks of my down time and will continue to do so, hence my apparent fall of the face of the earth.  That said, I wanted to get my CSM Votes/Endorsements on the record. I have three votes, and here's how I cast them:

Hans Jagerblitzen

I listened to many podcasts, read many blogs and posts, and Hans is my favorite amongst many good candidates this year who seem to be using the logic of a rising tide lifting all ships, as opposed to focusing on one or two pet areas.  But he was the most outspoken and eloquent, and got my vote.  He also found my blog, which means he was looking rather hard for people to ask to vote for him.  I hope he works as hard at solving issues on the CSM and his campaign seems to promise.


Love him, hate him, he knows CCP, he knows how to work with them, and he isn't afraid to call CCP out on things.  I am voting for him because I think he brings a little "insider understanding" to the CSM side of the table, and he can still comport himself well when talking about various issues.  I particularly liked his responses on the last Voices from the Void debate.  Which brings me to:

Two Step

As has been said by many, Two Step turned an alternate position into a full position just by giving more shits than he was expected, or even needed to.  If you haven't seen Two Step talking, posting, interviewing, or being generally available, please do not vote - you are not paying attention.

Interestingly, I was initially not going to vote for any incumbents, figuring most will easily make it back in.  But after listening to Trebor, Two Step and Seleene on Voices, I realized they all deserved another round because they already understand the CSM - They already work together, and the show was less of a debate as opposed to each member explaining what they had done, and what the others did to help.  That speaks loudly to me, and I support all three.  But I only had two votes left, so them's the breaks.

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  1. I suppose we think alike because I'd be voting pretty much the same way! :)

    Hans is a good man. I've spent a lot of time talking to him the past few weeks and am convinced that wherever he lands in the final standings, he will be a valuable contributor to CSM 7.

    Two Step is awesome because he is very focused on his core constituency but also able to talk on broader issues as well. A true team player.

    Thank you for your vote for me as well. Without a bloc behind me I'm going to need every one and I appreciate the time you took to consider your choices. o7o7