Monday, February 6, 2012

CSM7: The Blanding

 I am waiting for something to happen in CSM7 land.  So far we know most of CSM6 is going to run again.  Here are my brief thoughts on each, with asterices:

  • The Mitanni - CFC will get him elected, so no point in even paying attention.
  • UAxDeath - Not sure what he ever did.
  • Two Step* - I like this Two Step, talks a lot, even if I do not agree with some of what he says.
  • Seleene* - Useful knowledge of CCP and Eve
  • Meissa Anunthial* - Posts frequently on the forums, so hooray!
  • Trebor Deahdoow* - Another communicative CSM.
  • Prometheus Exenthal - Who?
  • Elise Randolph - Again, who?
Not already on the CSM but making noise:
  • Kelduum Revaan - Eve Uni CEO, no substantial info or platform yet.
  • Mintrolio - "I Love All Secs!" campaign is funny but uninformative.
  • T'amber - Moar pink ships, smaller boobs and Serious Business.  Probably more interesting than Prometheus, but hey, that's not hard.
And that's about it so far.  I think I saw someone nominating Chribba, but I have doubts.  Ripard Teg made a pass at the pretty girl in the bar, then talked himself out of it in a weird bait-and-switch where he failed to make the bait obvious.  Not much depth in the field, although I have hopes for The Apostle to start poasting, as those are always a good read.

Someone call me when we have new candidates worth caring about. 


  1. New candidate for CSM7, reporting in!

    Check out my campaign, its linked on my blog profile.


  2. Mintrolio - "I Love All Secs!" campaign is funny but uninformative.