Monday, February 6, 2012

KOTM: Turberfield Edition

Of The 843 Exhumers destroyed in Jan 2012, 409 were in high sec, 10 low, 406 null and 18 wormhole space. - CCP Diagoras

If I am reading this correctly, somehow 409 Exhumers were killed by high-sec belt or mission rats in January.  What?  How?  I have a Hulk.  With literally any shield mod you care to throw on that ship, this should not be possible.  You can walk away for fifteen minutes and come back to find a belt full of high-sec rats plinking away at your shields to no avail.

I have no further words for this.

Update:  Apparently 121 of those were in Incursions, I assume doing that mining thing I've heard about.  But that still leaves 288 taken out by other NPCs

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