Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PI Challenge - Day 18

More results for you:

Up from 36m isk in profits to 72m isk.  The daily average profit is now at 3.6m/ day, or an end estimate of 108m isk, in profit.  Interestingly there is a side to this that I have not spoken of:  What you will profit not including the initial costs.  Since my initial outlay of about 33m isk, my daily costs have hovered around 1.5m, and my total sales are at 133m.  That means the profit only including day-to day costs is 106m, or 5.9m isk per day.  That gives a final profit, less sunk costs, of an estimated 177m isk.

So month one may be a bit of a bust, but subsequent months will be more profitable, by a considerable amount.  I'm interested to see how this plays out.

I also moved a lot of ECUs around today to combat depletion, which cost 315k isk.


  1. That right there is why I do Uranium and Coolant: I pay the Customs Office tax once. Period. Full stop. if I overproduce a P1, I just pull more of the other P1 on the next extraction reset to even it out.

    I have five planets set up in shallow, quiet lowsec on a low skillpoint toon, making a mix of coolant and enriched uranium on (I'm sure) a wildly inefficient 2 day extraction cycle.

    Tax rates on the five POCOs average 10%.

    I pull roughly 13 mill in p2 stuff together every 2 days, so after taxes thats about 5.4 mill a day. Call it 5 mill in profit a day, with no visits to the pocos except grabbing the final products and heading to market.

  2. Valid points. But that is not the challenge I accepted! This whole operation is going to get re-tooled once the challenge is complete, due to both other interests and from lessons learned.