Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ever Increasing Complexity - PI Day 2

In response to my own questions from last post regarding the shortcomings of my production as it was implemented, I went looking at how to use the excess resources from my over-producing R0>P1 planets.  If you are running 4 planets to get the materials for Robotics, you end up with an imbalance among the following P1s:
  • Chiral Structures
  • Precious Metals
  • Reactive Metals
  • Toxic Metals
These in turn can be used to create a variety of P2s:
  • Consumer Electronics (used in Robotics)
  • Mechanical Parts (used in Robotics)
  • Enriched Uranium
  • Construction Blocks
For nice list of all the PI flow charts, take a look at this.  So the question I had to answer was how can I take my excess PI products and make them profitable, and easy to get to market?  The answer, I think, lies in looking at market prices for the P1s and comparing those to the prces for the various potential P2s, and making the P2s which are worth more than the P1s you started with.  Given the high rate of import and export taxes, this is not a trivial calculation.  I'll let you run your own numbers, but I was able to find a solid excess line, and factor in the estimated overproduction of P1s that are worth more than their P2s, and came up with something like this:
I haven't fixed the costs, so expect the import/export to take roughly 10% off each of the non P3s (i'm keeping it at 10% for simplicity, and to account for increased profit as you go up the chain), you get this
Huh.  We are back at roughly 500m isk, and that's with 5 planets instead of 6, and without Elite Command Centers.  Maybe my doom and gloom from yesterday was a bit premature.


  1. You have extra R) and P1? The way I deal with extra R0 and P1 is to not have any. That may seem a bit arrogant, but hear me out. Robotics is a 2 extractor, 4xP1 and 2xP2 production chain - per planet. When you get to Elite command centers it will be easier to do, but you should aim for 2 extractors each pulling 288,000 m3 of R0 with 2xP1 facilities per R0 type and 2xP2 facilities to take their product. You then have to move one of the P2 products to another planet to make the Robotics. I move Mechanical Parts to my Lava worlds where I have on additional P3 facility in my setup. Precious Metals is typically the weakest producer across all the planets I've run and that's why I produce Robotics on the Lava worlds. All three Lava planets process 1/3 of my Robotics each. I use no silos and I try and keep a day's worth of R0 in each Landing Pad as a buffer. To keep this working as stated, I actively adjust my extractors to make sure I don't over produce, even if that means I remove heads and have grid left over. It's just easier that way to me.

    All that said, what you have worked out is impressive. Half a bISK and not even maxed for training. Bravo! (BTW, I'm going to link you tomorrow unless you say don't.)

    1. Go for it, I'd appreciate it!

      As or your comment, I'll look into that. I think my 4 planet R0 situation may make your plane hard - I both have no other lava planet, and it would take the better part of the month to train to get that planet.

      To the half bIsk, we'll see :). That's the whole point of taking on your challenge. I'm doing very hazy estimates, even with to try and explain them! The statistician in me cringes, until i realize my n is waaay to small for it to make a difference.

    2. Good luck sorting through the typos in my reply...

      I meant to say "As for your comment, we'll see:). I think my 4 planet R0 situation will make your plan hard..."

    3. Great post.
      I am curious how many of each R0 you extract everyday? In my very limited experience, I never have enough R0 (for Precious Metals) for the facilities, especially after one or two weeks.