Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Precocious Pod-Dweller Planetary Puzzle Day -1

As mentioned, I am giving Mabrick's proposition a shot.  From the latest post, there a few things I am unsure of, namely, if his 500m isk/month claim was based in HS or WH space.  But, here are the conditions of my experiment:
  • Skills:  
    • Command Center Upgrades 4 
    • Interplanetary Consolidation 4 
    • Planetology 2 
    • Remote Sensing 3
  • Production
    • Final Product: Robotics
  • Planets:
    • 2 Barren R0 > P1
    • 2 Lava R0 > P1
    • 1 Barren Production Planet P1 > P3
    • All planets are in one High Sec system with standard Customs Office rates.
A few other notes.  I am not taking up the challenge as presented mainly because I don't want to move the alt, and it has about 30m skill points.  Those are almost entirely in mining, production, and recently combat.

Here are the Planetary Management skills, IC 4 will be done soon:
Here are the planets, pending the production planet due to IC 4:
Here is the pattern used for all of the R0 > P1 planets:
You'll notice that the extractors are much further from storage than Mabrick indicates.  This is because HS planets have crap for resource distribution, so the R0 > P1 chain is located central to the hotspots I judged to be closest together on each planet.  Notice the bands I used on the scanner, to give you an idea of the resource density here:

Mabrick contends that something around 500m isk is viable each month.  Many readers disagreed.  Given my skills, I'll shoot for 50%-75% of his estimate.  Thats 250m to 375m isk in one month.  I'll start my timer from the day I get the production planet up and running.  I am going to have ~2 days of P1 production already created by the time that happens, but given the nature of resource depletion, I'll use them and consider it to be a wash.

Initial Costs:
  • Setup of 4 planets with level 5/6 Command Centers: $23,720,000.03.


  1. Personally, I think Mabrick's quite off in a number of ways. For my money, coolant far outstrips robotics. It sells very well, and you can get five producing gas planets (which are common as dirt) instead of one robotics-producing network that requires you ferry crap around from planet to planet.

  2. I hope you remembered to select the planets with the smallest diameter to use as your resource planets.

    @Doyce - I am quite off in a number of ways, but I've been doing PI since day one. I haven't (and won't) give my competition an advantage by giving away all my insights. Market PvP is still PvP. As for coolent, the market is awash in T2 products and I hate playing the .01 game which one invariably get's into when trying to sell large quantities of T2 product. But, since you mentioned single planet production, there are certain planets that can produce T3 products without having to move resources anywhere. The trick is knowing which ones they are. It isn't difficult to find out though so I'll just leave it at that.

    I apologize for usurping your comment thread Grimmash. Thanks for taking this on! It'll be fun to find out if I really am full of crap. 8D

  3. Mabrick, I did choose the smallest diameter planets when all other factors were equal. This difference in the particular system I choose was ~250km per planet, so it wasn't much of a choice.

    No worries about using the comments, that's what they are for!

  4. BTW - please don't use that as your layout. That layout sucks something awful. You're wasting PG/CPU by having your connections a lot longer than they are required to be. Also you have a storage Depot - don't need it just launch to the POCO and use your Launch Pad as your storage. (You'll need to move materials to the POCO maybe twice a week.)

    1. I get what you are saying about the storage. However, to get the ECUs into spots that can consistently reach the higher density resources, what is your approach? I can't put them next to the processors. After a week or so, I'll have nothing within range of the ECUs. Are you saying it's more effective to run, for example, one ECU that you tear down and move when hotspots shift?

  5. Try to put your setups if possible on smaller planet radius planets as that affect links routes and their needed PG to all connect. I call it Link Optimization. Did a blog post about that once.

    Make sure you dont setup CC in a planetary Nugget. Nuggets are often very Circular Hot Spots that shift around a planets for resources and are not true resource rich areas on a planets. Once tapped they deplete slowly over a few days till they are gone completely and your then left with what was there before. Thus better to setup close to or strategically where your extractors have maximum coverage of dense resources within any directional reach and go from there.

    Oh if you already have a Launch Pad on planet, not really much need to put a storage silo there as you can pretty much do it all from launch Pad. Some odd setups planetary design may be good to use a storage silo with an over abundance of extractable resources. But for the most part you only need the Launch Pad, especially in HighSec.