Saturday, March 9, 2013

PI Challenge Day 1 Part II

Although it's another day for me, it's the same Eve day, so this goes into the first day, hence the Part II.

I took the first batch of Robotics to market.  111 units to be exact.  I also removed some storage facilities and added some ECU Extractor heads on my low yield planets.  I've adjusted the tracking sheet to account for a few more things.  Here are the results from my labors:

Back of the envelope calculations show this scheme, if static for the next 29 days, will yield the following:
Hmm.  We might have a problem here. At roughly 5/6 capacity of Mabrick's approach, we are looking at about 30% of his estimated income.

I found I could add a second production line on the factory planet, which accounts for the increase in Construction costs.  But I am not sure high sec planets will be able to keep two robotics lines fed.  The resource density on one of the planets is already starting to take a hit, and cannot feed 4 R0 > P1 factories.  That means I may not be able to keep even one robotics line running at full capacity.

For reference, one Robotics line running at capacity for one month will produce 2160 (24 hours * 3 units * 30 days), and two lines will produce 4320.  At current Jita buy prices of 81,000 isk per unit of Robotics, before accounting for import and export taxes, that equates to roughly 175m to 350m isk in sales per month.  Setting up sell orders increases the price by 1,000 isk per unit, giving 177m to 354m isk.

Perhaps selling extra materials on one end will make up the difference?

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