Monday, March 4, 2013

Time, time, time...

Unrelated to Eve:

After almost a year off, I'm testing the waters in Eve again.  Crazy how fast that year went, and everything that's happened in my life.  Marriage, moving twice, family illness, and a hefty Minecraft addiction all put Eve in the backseat.  Proof I suppose that everything has a season.

Can't stop the signal?  We'll see...
I'm going to start writing again, but with a few caveats:  I'll probably talk about more than just Eve on this blog.  Due to that, I may have to revamp the format to make it multi-game appropriate.  If anyone who is *still* linking to me cares about that, make your adjustments accordingly :).

Back to Eve:

Just before I unsubbed, I had been working on a 30-Day market challenge.  I actually wrote the guide, but never formatted or posted it.  Expect to see that soon, as well as a new version.  I am starting up my market trading again, as the isk I made last year disappeared into PLEXes and I know find myself space poor once again, and looking to set up a sizable stable of ships for a new FW endeavor.

To those who have stumbled here over the last few months, thanks for coming!  I can't say I'll be posting as often as I was last year, but I hope to once again add to the Eve blogging community!

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