Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mo' Planets, Mo' Problems

As mentioned previously, I am rather space-broke at the moment.  To me this means less that a few hundred million isk in my account, above what is earmarked for purchases.  So I've started two endeavors:

The first is a relaunch of the 30 Day Market Challenge.  I messed up the start already, after seeding 20 mil, I noticed I had about 70 mil in modules from the last go-around.  Stupid numbers making accounting hard.   I'm aiming to clear 10% margins each day, at least up to the billion isk range.  We'll see how it goes.  Preliminary actions in Jita seem to indicate margins have gotten tighter on just about everything since the same time last year.  As long as the isk flows, I'll be happy.  Not sure about daily updates, it may be more of a when I feel like it thing.

The second project is based on a post over at Mabrick's.  He seems convinced that HS planets can rake in 100m isk a week.  I'm starting with 5 planets, and a lower level of command center upgrades, but I'll be posting my results over the next few days.  You can all judge based on that.  We'll call this one the Precocious Pod-dweller's Planetary Puzzle.   Or something.

Once the prelims are taken care of on the money front, I'll be making good on my overtures to join FW.  I have the good fortune of having an old real life friend involved in a decent position in one of the factions, so I can jump right in with some larger actions once I get ships moved about.

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