Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PI Day 11

Here's the update:
Trending a little bit better.  I got the Precious Metals output a bit higher, and now Chiral Structures are the rate limiting factor.  This means I'm pulling in an extra 1.4m or so per day on Enriched Uranium sales.  The POCO taxes have taken about 16m in profits at the 10% high sec rate.  That's not 10%.  That's an effective tax rate of about 18%.

They get you coming and going!  Interstingly, the tax rates are pegged to old values, with P1s going for 50isk/unit and P2s going for 900isk/unit, and P3s for 7000isk/unit.  This results in interesting tax rate anomolies as shown above.  There are a few errors, as I lumped a few things together in the beginning and I can't sort the out now.  Stupid March 11.  But the overall tax rate of 18% is correct.  If I had no taxes, I'd be at about 51m in profit 11 days in.

Edit:  My original effective tax chart was poorly formatted.  I updated it.


  1. Tax rates are based on the 3 month moving average for the products in question.

    If you run pi through a POCO with 100% tax rate, you'll actually suffer losses roughly equivalent to 25% of the value of whatever you pull off the planet.

  2. Look like I screwed up my chart. I fixed it after your comment.

    To your point, I'm not sure how 100% tax rates would yield an effective rate of 25%. That seems... wrong. Based on value-added increases in value as you go up tiers, I would imagine 100% tax rates would eat almost everything. Am I missing something, or did you mean 10% through a certain level of PX?

    1. Also, my final effective tax rate is not tied to previous levels, it just takes the total import/export taxes I paid over the amount I sold all sold outputs for.