Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CSM7: Hans Jagerblitzen

So Hans Jagerblitzen, in an effort for publicity and to court my vote, went so far as to find my blog and put a comment up linking to his blog, and even posted the comment on a post that talked about CSM7.  He's got my vote for organization at the very least!

But seriously, I read Hans' manifesto of sorts, and I think he is a very thoughtful  addition to the CSM 7 race.  Although I do not agree with all his stances, I find the effort he spent thinking about issues, compiling his thoughts in a mostly coherent document,  and crediting/admitting lack of knowledge on some issues are all good qualities in a CSM candidate.  He should pique interest, especially in the Faction Warfare and High Sec player bases he seems to be courting.  Hans seems to know where he stands (on the outside, looking in on the bloc voters and the fractured high sec mobs), and does not claim to be the end all candidate, but rather someone who wants to provide a reasoned voice to the CSM and CCP.

I agree with many members of the Eve community who have already given most, if not all, of the "full" CSM seats to null bloc candidates and CSM6 incumbents.  So a player willing and able to make a cohesive opening case for his candidacy ought to be looked at by those who are not already voting for null or CSM6 incumbents.  After all, the "best" high sec candidate is already a bit of a disappointment, failing to do much besides test the waters in order to both count his support and build his platform...

Let's see if Hans lives up to his nice debut.


  1. Hahaha that wasn't even intended as a "vote court" this is a pleasant surprise.... I just saw that you had the blog list, and wanted to get on the list. But thank you for the kind words! I didn't expect a whole article, I'm humbled.

    Take your time deciding who to endorse, all the people rushing to chime in kinda scares me a little. I'm willing to work to actually convince people I'm the guy, and not just play numbers games here as is typical every election.

    By all means, wait it out and hold me responsible if stray from the course! You have till March to make up your mind - only vote for me if you think I'll be good for EvE in general.

    1. I'm not sure I'll be voting for you, but I am not exactly big potatoes in the blogging community, so you had to work a little to find me :). Also, I appreciate the effort you have put forth so far. I figured that deserves what attention I can muster.