Thursday, April 4, 2013

CSM 8 Endorsements

I voted, on two accounts.  With two lists made of the same people in varying orders.

Here is my list:

1. Ripard Teg

Ripard is opinionated but thoughtful, and often willing to admit when he is wrong.  His communication skills are top notch, and I think he will bring a solid voice to the CSM.  He also has experience in almost every area of Eve.  Beyond that, I don;t think there is much I need to say about Ripard.

2. Trebor Deahdoow

I don't agree with many things Trebor has spoken for.  I also think he is unlikely to destroy PvP in Eve as some seem to think.  I am ranking Trebor as my first candidate not because of his platform, but because as the sole returning member of CSM7, his knowledge of what occurred over the last year between CCP and the CSM will be invaluable in letting the next CSM choose if they want to continue the work of previous CSMs or cast it aside.  Without knowing much of what happened behind the NDA, and based on interviews and podcasts I have lsitened to, I think it is very important to have at least one returning member on the CSM.

Less importantly, it will piss of Poetic Stanziel to no end, so that will be worth one vote in my book.  Not because I dislike Poetic, but because I think he needs to chill out.  Or rage more ceaselessly.  Not sure which is better entertainment for my vote.

3. Mike Azariah

Mike is an interesting guy.  He seems to swing between fiery passion and rational consideration.  In the interviews he has been on, he seems to have a keen interest in balancing the needs of serious players and those who want a more casual and accessible experience.  He also seems to be very aware of the political factors involved in Eve, and the game's development, even if he has acted more naive in public.  Overall I think his perspective will be valuable in communicating with CCP.

4. Mangala Solaris

High Sec PvP and new player experience through RvB.

5. Ali Aras

New player and female player experience.

******The Order of the following candidates varied.******

James Arget

Honestly, James is the one wormhole candidate who I was able to understand as having a coherent approach to his candidacy.  I don't dislike the others, but he made the most effort to talk to non-WH players, at least in my experience.  I think he will push for POS changes, which are sorely needed, and can provide a good voice for his niche while understanding concerns of other players.

Roc Weiler

FW experience.


Good poster, well spoken, and deeply concerned about the fundamentals of the Eve economy.  He may be Null Sec, but that's fine.  Based on his presentation in the interviews I heard, I want Malcanis on the CSM.

Nathan Jameson

Another good WH candidate.

Unforgiven Storm

High-sec Industrial experience.

Sort Dragon

Doesn't need any help, but I greatly appreciated his views on the interviews I heard.

Kesper North

Again, needs no help, but was also interesting to hear in interviews.


More WH experience, not a null bloc candidate.


Russian.  One of the only non-english speakers I voted for.

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