Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meanwhile, In Black Rise...

I had surgery a few days ago, so I missed all the fun in Enulari over the weekend.  Boo!

No longer will the Caldari be using Ena for quick jumps into Nenn.  Hikkoken, my favorite place to lose frigates, has no stations.  In fact, no systems that the Caldari control neighboring Nennemaila have stations, so I kind of hope the squids push back and take something.  So I'm fighting neutrals and lowering my sec status.  I've found a few fights there recently, and I just had a fun one that makes me like Eve.

I'm in Hikkoken, running down buttons, because why the hell not?  I'll take a nice pile of LP for hitting the scan button.  A neutral Atron hopped into my plex (because I own it, right?).  I was also in a kitey Atron, and we had a fun little dance.  I wasn't quite hitting enough, but he kept letting me get out of point range.  So I got out at mid structure.  GFs happen, and then he says "I need to learn to fly better."  I told him to not let me get out of point range.  We both ran back to Nenn, and met up in the same plex in Hikkoken a few minutes later.  I tried to be tricky, and loaded up some extra long-range ammo, thinking maybe he would be so focused on closing range that I could kite him just right and have a nice long point kill.

Well that failed.  I lost the Atron.  But damn if the little 1v1 wasn't fun.  And damn if it isn't nice to see people going out on their own just looking for fights.  FW has seen a lot of fleets lately, and I love them.  But it's also nice to get into little scraps where two people can just shoot it out without the inevitable imbalance of the small gang dropping in.  If I can't count on FW fleets to satisfy my PvP fix, I'll take the neutrals who wil.

The Atron is rapidly becoming a fun little frig to experiment with.  It has almost no tank, but they cost so little to lose that I now question myself if I last for more that 15 minutes in one.  Today's lasted for the better part of an hour.  I'm doing this wrong.

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