Thursday, May 29, 2014

Moving Day

Dear readers,

It is with some excitement that I have a big announcement.  Warp to Zero is moving to a new home!  All of my future posts, guides and articles will be posted at Grimmash on Gaming, at  I am moving from the Blogger platform to a hosted platform.

Not much is changing for now, besides the visual layout of the blog.  But I felt it was time to move for a variety of reasons.  

While Blogger is wonderful platform, I want more freedom to really edit the nuts and bolts of the site.  Along with that, I want more experience running a website from the ground up.  My family has always been involved in using the internet to promote our hobbies and businesses.  As the resident tech “Expert”, I decided that learning more managing my hobby website would be a good way to learn how to help my family reduce their dependency on limited platforms.

Regarding my blog, it was started to be all about Eve.  As my life and gaming habits adjust I find myself still wanting to write about Eve, but also about other games, and other types of gaming, more extensively.  I thought about trying to rework this site, but given the nature of Blogger, I decided to make a clean break.  As I said, it is a great platform, but I want to have more control over how I can share content.  Running my own website with full control should improve both the reading experience and my ability to curate my ramblings.  

I also want to start carrying more interesting articles for a variety of topics and games, and the new platform should make these more accessible.  Moving forward I hope to establish a more regular post schedule, with at least two posts a week and better guides or features like reviews or photo galleries every week or two as things come up.  

All of my content will be carried over to the new website.  The posts and comments are already in place.  Some of the guides and longer articles I’ve written for this site are in need of some serious editorial work, so they will get much needed attention and revision, and will find a new home once I think they are suitable as long term reference material.  The categorization system will get a complete overhaul to take advantage of the category system.

The new site will be a little rough around the edges for a bit as I get in and tweak things to the point where I decide to settle in.  After all, no project is ever done, just abandoned at a certain point.   I am a hobbyist in the website creation field, not a professional.  Any considerations to improve the website are more than welcome!  

To all those that have been kind enough to link to my site in blogrolls or link lists, please consider updating the URL and title for my site.  At the least it will keep your link list dynamic!
To all of my readers, over forty thousand since I started this blog a few years ago, thank you for reading and commenting, and join me at my new home!

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