Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Changes!


I've been so busy playing Eve and working on stuff for me new corp that I haven't had time to polish up any of my articles.  I guess that is a good thing...

Since I have a bit of a backlog, and a tentpole series as Jester would call it, I am going to hold of on posting the longer articles until I get them finished up.  I am also going to wait a bit, as I am finalizing a relaunch of my site.

Yep!  Pretty soon I will migrate to a newer, cleaner, more controllable website.  All the old stuff here and comments will port over, but I will have better tools to share pictures, archive guides and resources, and some of the other stuff I am looking to try out.  So keep an eye on this space, as a belated spring cleaning is on the way!

Fly smart!

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