Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blobs: An Aesthetic Quandry

Go take a look at this fleet.

I lifted that link from Corelin, and he nicely summed up the gameplay implications that fleet represents, so I don't need to go there.  But I have a few more examples:

 Found here.
 Found here.
  Found here.

The theme, if you hadn't guessed, was how godawful massive fleets look in big space fights.  Compare that to this:
Notice the difference in the fleets?  I think this is something that, long term, could use some love.  Not necessarily now, but some sort of fleet formation component to Eve could make this look a lot nicer, and make AARs look a lot nicer than the current pile of crazy ships all sitting in space looking confused and ready to smash into each other.

That's all, just a random thought about blobs that has nothing to do with the actual mechanics, and everything to do with the visual presentation.

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