Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Daddy Was Tritanium Miner Like His Daddy Before Him...

I never thought mining, drones or salvaging would become the hot topic they have lately.  To read the blogs, you would think Eve is going to implode in a few weeks...  But oh what a beautiful implosion it shall be.  A few things about the incoming changes.

Short Term
Buy you gear now.  I mean it.  I've been quietly building a small stockpile of minerals, and the value is increasing just by letting it sit.  Weapons, modules and ammo haven't caught up yet, ships are already starting to.   Thinking of moving to that WH?  Buy your Drakes, Retrievers and haulers now.  Maybe some fuel...  I think in a few weeks weeks you'll be wishing you laid in supplies for a hot summer.  Speaking of which...

Update Your Queue
Want to gank some shiny hulks?  Best get those last few skills ready now.  I predict miners are going to be hiding for most of the summer.  Better get in on the initial kills, because Hulks are already ~50 mil more than they were this time last year.  Can't wait to see the price on those pop up over 300 or 400 mil.  Want to be ready for the clear(ish) skies after Hulkageddon?  That takes a bit of training.  And if you want to use those minerals you will eventually be mining.....

Want to cash in on resupplying all those ships and mods?  Get your BPOs or BPCs before that chain gets hit like a brick.  You know those manufacturers are going to have a field day trickling out the nuts and bolts of New Eden, so you might want to have your own supply chain going, and get a jump on some of the slots if you are a high-sec-er.  And if you make a lot of your cash from salvage...

Take a look at your hangars.  Do you need all that stuff?  Is your Noctis worth hanging on to?  Have you moved things to useful locations?  If Jita goes down and the minerals dry up, a lot of things are going to change.  Hulkageddon often has casualties beyond just the barges in the belts.  Should you start stocking up on things you know will sell if a few weeks/months?

A lot of markets are going to change soon, so you better get out in front of the changes, or get ready to pay a bit more for your bottles of Space Perrier, er, Quafe.

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