Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miscellaneous Market Tips

I've given a lot of results, but not too much advice in my 30 Day Market challenge.  Here are some musings on Eve market trading:

  • Do not accidentally list a large quantity of items at a buy order price instead of the sell order price.  Mistakes like that can cost millions.  In my case about 10m in one go.
  • Check all the figures on the orders when you are playing the .01 game.  Players like to list orders at one decimal higher, and then change the dollar amount too.  Then you get to wait another five minutes.
  • Sometimes you should just let that one or two item order sell or fill if it is too far away from your price.
  • Watch for people setting sell orders to catch the next buy order bump.  You can grab inventory cheap that way without losing your buy order.
  • In the price history, there is no indication as to the nature of the orders that moved.  They could all have been buy, or all sell.  I'm looking at you, rigs.
  • Sometimes it makes sense to flip inventory as you get it, sometimes not.  Decide when you set each order if you are going for quantity or speed.  It can save you time and order slots down the road.
  • Know when to give up on an order.  Sometimes it's a bot or a bot-like player, sometimes the movement has stagnated, and sometimes the space gods hate you.
  • Do keep a few (only a few!) random, hard to get orders with insane margin.  It makes your night when someone docks up right after you bumped you buy order over that damn robo-updater and sold you 5 Cov Ops Cloaks that you have been trying to get for days.
  • Pay attention to the hulls selling in your region, and buy up modules that will fit those hulls.
  • Turn on the new "Mark My Orders" setting.  It is glorious.


  1. Double check your fingers when placing sell orders too! especially in the hundred-million's ballpark.. all those confusing digits.

    Twice I've had peope miss a digit and sell to my buy order for an order of magnitude under the going price, and 100mil+ price items suddenly generating 90% profit margins is nice indeed.

  2. Yeah, I've learned that the hard way, but only to the tune of about 10m isk. Sometime copy-paste is a better way to do things.