Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 6: 30 Day Market Challenge

Back on track, although a few things are still staying more tied up than I would like.  A few nice margin orders that should reap good rewards should I get them, and a few items that are of such low value that I am letting the orders just run in case the markets swings back in my favor.

I am rapidly reaching the point where simply doing market triage on margins and updating orders is becoming far more time consuming.  The isk per real time I spend in the game is not quite what I would get from, say, missioning over the same period.  One hour with 1 or two mineral checks is not equivalent to one hour of blasting through L4s on my combat character.  With current mineral prices, I am also better off just semi-afk mining when I am at home.  That is to say, my velocity of money has hit a bit of a (personal) ceiling, in that to increase it anymore, I would need to devote more time, and have orders move quicker due to other players.

This brings up an interesting quandry:  Due to my self imposed rules, is it acceptable for me to venture out of the station for trade-only related activities, like regional arbitrage?  And will it make me enough money to be worth the extra time I cannot spend managing orders?  I have not decided.

Tomorrow will likely be slow along with the weekend, as I will have a much busier schedule and will not be able to monitor orders as much.  I predict a rather flat Day 7.

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  1. I just found this and I'm interested in how it goes, so stick it out! I found it because, I've been looking for market info as I have just started (coming up to day 14) trading on the markets myself, after never having done it seriously in 6 years of playing eve.

    I started with a completely trade-unskilled char, and 1.2bil of isk to put in the pot. After 14 days my net worth is now around 2.3bil, and I keep approx half my liquid isk in buy orders at any one time. Real-time consumed has gone from 0 hours for a few days, to 2 hours some days, averaging out to around 1h / day I guess.