Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 17 & 18: 30 Day Market Challenge

It's another double day.  Weekends are a pain in the butt to keep updated, so I didn't really bother to try this weekend.

I also bent the rules (or broke them).  I've started reprocessing some items that are essentially printing isk.  I moved a large order of modules to another hub to not lose out on some 20m in profit.  I have also deployed long term buy orders across many stations that I will pick up once a month or so.  None of these things required any extra skills training though.  I am in the process of getting a throwaway Badger going, as I will need some hauling capacity later.  Finally, I am also reselling skills, because apparently people are too lazy to fly one jump.  I'll take their money gladly.

The biggest change in the last few days is I have gotten out of the Tech II market almost completely.  It's rather hard to compete with players throwing around billions in orders, whereas the the lower volume in some of the meta mods is a bit more manageable and bulk buying power is a bit less annoying.

I've also spent a bit more time trolling orders looking for those buy-order-fill orders, and items that are way below the next group of sells orders.  That's a nice quick way to flip inventory and make small margins on it.

Oh, there was one other thing.  I cleared both the PLEX goal AND half a bil!  Woo!

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