Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 13: 30 Day Market Challenge

I broke $300,000,000!  Hooray!  I was really hoping to get past the 300m mark today, and I did it.  And boy did the market get busy today.  Patch brings more people to the game I guess.  A few notes on the day:

  • You can't see it, but I dropped about 8m on skills today, so the real total would have been 309m, but such is life.
  • Faction modules are on the market.  I put in some dummy orders to maybe catch some people unawares.  We'll see if that ever pans out.
  • At my current rate, I should be able to afford a PLEX, but I imagine we are in for some market volatility soon (tm), so that remains to be seen.
The net change percent was low today, compared to yesterday, but the actual change was my third best day.   I'm also running out of order slots, with Retail 3.  That is going to be upgraded once I finish some Accounting training to lower the loss to Sales Tax.  Yes, it's fractions of a percent, but as my volume of isk traded goes up, those percents make a difference at corner cases for margin.  At some point I may also have to consider standings.

Finally, I have only been station trading so far.  In a few days I may be able to start training for distance.  That will present a new sets of questions and challenges.

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