Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 8: 30 Day Market Challenge

Getting back on track.  I made good on my promise of more, smaller trades.  This is my third best day so far.  To answer a question in previous comments, I'll elaborate on my strategies a little bit.  I'm not going to tell which items I am working in, but the general approach I am using.

I tend to look for items that have at least 20% margin.  The only things I break this rule for are some items that have very high turnover (500+ per day) and that will net me in the 1 mil range on turnover.  There are a few reasons for this:
  • High margins tend to burst after a short window, as someone undercuts to try and move items or, I assume, manipulate the market to their advantage.
  • Turnover, as listed in game, does not tell you if those are buy or sell orders.  Nothing is fun like buying 50 items and realizing that the movement is all on the Buy Order side of the equation.
  • Many of the large price, large spread orders seem to have robots updating the buy orders.  I can't say these are bots, but I am sorely tempted to get a stopwatch and log attempts to talk...  I'm not bitter, at all.
I also limit orders to some extent because of how long it takes to update when I start to get over 30-40 total buy and sell orders.  Market trading is literally spreadsheets in space as no other action in the game I have yet undertaken.

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  1. Keep an eye on the min-max sell prices on the 'show table' view in the market details. Compare them with the current max-buy min-sell of the item. this can give you a clue as to wether the movement is mostly-buy or mostly-sell on the market...