Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jita Blog Talk

MOre than a few people have been talking lately about the upcoming Jitahellcamp.  Ripard Teg thinks CCP have their collective backs to the wall.  Syncaine is musing on the urban planning challenges of holding all the tears that will come and the health ramifications of drinking said tears.  Poetic seems to have not really noticed, with his latest adventures in a stream-of-consciousness pile of posts.  I;m sure you can find some others to read too.

I talked about this in regards to the philosophical context of the conflict that is coming.  But what about the day to day?  Here are some thoughts and predictions.

I cannot wait for the Jitahellcamp to come, and I think it will be a wonderful moment for Eve.  So I am a bit more Syncaine than Ripard.  There are also some long-term implications if the Gooswarm wins the field.

The economy of Eve may finally have to split up and the players will realize one mega-hub is a terrible way to run the economy.  The only reason attacking Jita matters is because it is THE hub of the game.  Sure, other empire hubs exist, but they do not hold a candle to the volume that is Jita IV.  If trade is significantly disrupted, that makes a strong argument for spreading out a bit, which in turn opens up greater options for buyers, sellers, traders, and just about anyone interested in a more dynamic market geography.

Get ready to profit!  I think there is a good chance many traders will ignore the warnings, or don't pay enough attention to the metagame.  If the camp is successful and shuts down trade into and out of Jita there will be a lot of opportunity to make some isk on the edges.  Not to mention the stockpiles in Jita being temporarily removed from market circulation.  I leave it to you to decide what is going to be valuable, but you may want to make preparations.

Buy your stuff now.  If you think you might need anything in the week or two after the 24th, you may want to get those supplies before supply chains and trade convoys are disrupted.

Put your bibs on, because there just might be an all you eat buffet of non-Eve players writing, blogging, and generally mucking about in and around New Eden.  I cannot wait to see how Massively tries to spin the hellcamp.  Be prepared for the sound of a thousand voices screaming, followed by... more screaming.  As Syncaine and Ripard said, the forums and blogs will be awash with lots of people complaining about the GSF and CFC.  Although this is rather the norm, I think the volume will go up to eleven.  Time for a wonderful chance to simply observe people in Eve responding to actual content. People say they want more, but often regret getting what they want.

Is CCP reinforcing nodes, and will Jita get TiDi-ed in the days leading up to the jitahellcamp?  I can see a lot of pilots getting a fresh clone and a few ships to enjoy the pretty colors when hundreds (thousands?) of Tornados, tacklers, Orcas, freighters, pods and god knows what else shows up in Jita.  I know I'm thinking of trying to get good seats, and maybe onto a few killmails.  You might want to set up some safes  now though, for all the good it might do.  If I go or not, this promises to be an interesting few days.

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  1. I'm looking forward to it also. I have a fresh clone and cov ops ship standing by.